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veterinary pet insurance- Pet Insurance for your cat

Nobody wants to think about their new furry family friend being unwell, but unless you are really lucky you will end up at the vet eventually.

Now, that can be expensive – depending on what you need doing. Or worse still, if your cat suffers an accident, then things like broken legs and damaged backs can really put a strain on things … x-rays, scans, plaster casts, physio … the list goes on and on. For many people that just isn’t affordable, which can lead to a really really difficult decision – that just doesn’t bear thinking about!

For a small amount each month (and its cheaper the sooner you do it usually) you can insure your cat against all of the possible occurences (dare I say catastrophies?!) that could inflict your cat.

There are choices of cover levels, just as there are choices of vaccinations, depending on whether your 4-pawed buddy is going to spend time outdoors (where there are more dangers) or will be a house cat.

Please, check out the options … trust me, sooner or later you will thank me!

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